Top 5 Elf Bar Disposable Flavours

by Jemma Wolfe

By Jemma Wolfe
Published 24-02-22 | Updated 25-08-23

Best Elf Bar Flavours Ranked: Which is Best?
Best Elf Bar Flavours Ranked: Which is Best?

Best Elf Bar 600 Flavours Ranked

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  • Flavour 5
  • Flavour 4
  • Flavour 3
  • Flavour 2
  • Flavour 1
  • Full Brand Ranges Overview
  • Comparative Brands & Product
  • Verdict
  • Elf Bar 600 at myCigara

In just a few short years, Elf Bar has rapidly become the most popular vape brand on the planet, boasting multiple different collections from disposables to pod kits. But it all started here, with the Elf Bar 600.

This revolutionary disposable changed the vaping world as we know it, quickly becoming the inspiration and gold standard for vape brands everywhere. And one of the key reasons for Elf Bar’s 600 immeasurable success is down to their unique approach to creating flavour profiles.

With over 47 different Elf Bar flavours to choose from, whether you're looking for a reliable all-day vape or an occasional treat to delight your senses, the Elf Bar 600 lineup has something to offer for every mood and moment. From fan favourite fruit profiles to super sweet dessert-inspired delights, Elf Bar have done it all.

With so many delicious blends to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. But fear not, that’s where I come in. In this guide, I’ll give you the lowdown on the Top 5 Elf Bar 600 vape flavours, as voted by you! By allowing you to skip right to the cream of the crop, I hope to save you some time and hassle and help you find your next favourite blend today

Elf Bar Pineapple Peach Mango

5. Elf Bar Pineapple Peach Mango

We’re kicking off our countdown with an exquisite Elf Bar flavour blend that will transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise. Prepare to be blown away by the symphony of flavours Pineapple Peach Mango provides.

Upon first inhale, the vibrant tangy essence of freshly cut pineapples takes centre stage, instantly invoking the feeling of a cool breeze and warm sands beneath your feet. The pineapple's natural sweetness is perfectly complemented by the juicy, ripe peaches, infusing the blend with a delightful mellow undertone that's both smooth and indulgent.

Just as you think this flavour experience couldn't get any better, the mango emerges to steal the show. With its exotic allure and tropical flair, the mango brings an added layer of complexity to the mix, providing a burst of tropical goodness that rounds off the entire flavour profile with finesse.

Elf Bar Pineapple Peach Mango
Elf Bar Cotton Candy Ice

4. Elf Bar Cotton Candy Ice

Get ready to relive the nostalgic thrill of the carnival with Elf Bar 600 Cotton Candy Ice. This enchanting blend captures the essence of everyone's favourite sugary treat and transforms it into an icy sensation that will leave you mesmerised with every inhale.

From the very first puff, you'll be transported to a whimsical world of fluffy, sugary clouds. The Cotton Candy Ice flavour flawlessly replicates the sugary threads of candy floss that melt in your mouth, evoking memories of carefree summer days and carnival delights.

With every exhale, the icy breeze wraps around the cotton candy sweetness, leaving behind a refreshing aftertaste that's both satisfying and invigorating. This perfect blend of flavours ensures that neither element overwhelms the other, resulting in a harmonious vaping experience that's both unique and delightful.

Elf Bar Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

3. Elf Bar Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

Prepare to embark on a tantalising flavour adventure with this triple-threat of tropical flavours. Elf Bar Kiwi Passionfruit Guava takes third place as it’s a blend like no other, harnessing a harmonious symphony of flavours to leave your taste buds captivated.

First, you’ll be greeted by the juicy essence of ripe kiwis, the vibrant tartness dancing on your palate and awakening your senses with its zesty charm. But hold on tight, because the enchanting passionfruit swiftly joins the show, adding a layer of tropical complexity that elevates the blend to new heights.

As you continue your draw, the guava emerges as the star of the ensemble, offering its distinctive notes that balances sweetness and a delightful muskiness. Whether you're unwinding after a long day, lounging by the beach, or simply seeking a much-needed escape, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava is your ticket to a virtual tropical getaway.

Elf Bar Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
Elf Bar Blue Razz Lemonade

2. Elf Bar Blue Razz Lemonade

Just missing out on the top spot, our silver medal goes to an electrifying blend that’s sure to add a wicked kick to your day. Elf Bar Blue Razz Lemonade is a marriage of mouth watering flavours, creating an elixir that will invigorate your taste buds with every single puff.

The bold and vibrant flavour of ripe blueberries dances on your palate, enveloping your senses in a whirlwind of delightful tanginess. It's like savouring a handful of juicy blueberries straight from the berry patch, leaving your taste buds tingling with excitement.

But that's not all – brace yourself for the refreshing twist of lemonade that follows. The zesty lemonade adds a delightful citrus kick to the mix, balancing the sweetness of the blue raspberry with a burst of invigorating zest. This combination creates a uniquely satisfying symphony that's both refreshing and revitalising.

1. Elf Bar Watermelon

Drumroll, please! It’s finally time to unveil our winning flavour. This delightful blend has triumphed over the rest, securing its spot at the pinnacle of our list. And of course, it goes to none other than Watermelon.

This flavour profile offers an experience that's nothing short of extraordinary. Picture yourself on a sunny day, indulging in the juiciest, most succulent slice of perfectly ripe watermelon. This blend captures the pure essence of this beloved summer fruit, delivering an authentic and refreshing taste that mirrors the real deal. With each draw, your taste buds are treated to the juicy sweetness and subtle tanginess that make watermelons so irresistible.

The master mixologists at Elf Bar have poured their hearts into perfecting this blend, ensuring that every puff is as delightful and consistent as the last. The balance of flavours ensures that the sweetness never overwhelms, making it a vape that you can enjoy all day long without ever growing tired of its magic.

Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the world of vaping, Elf Bar Watermelon is a must-try. Its universal appeal and genuine taste have won the hearts of vapers far and wide, cementing its status as the undisputed champion.

Elf Bar Watermelon Disposable

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Elf Bar Disposable Vape Ranges

The unprecedented popularity of the Elf Bar 600 paved the way for an incredible journey of expansion, leading the brand to explore new ideas and disposable vape collections. Among the most popular is Lost Mary, with its distinctive design and portable nature, it quickly garnered a massive following, leading Lost Mary to flourish and become a separate brand in its own right.

Elf Bar also went on to create the MC600, NC600 and T600. However, as the vaping landscape continues to evolve, Elf Bar has decided to discontinue three beloved collections. Nevertheless, these classics have served vapers well, offering an impressive range of Elf Bar flavours that have left a lasting impression on many.

● Elf Bar 600
● Elf Bar 600 V2
● Elf Bar NC600
● Elf Bar T600
● Elf Bar MC600
● Elf Bar Cigalike
● Elf Bar Lux 600

Of course, we can’t talk about Elf Bar disposable collections without including the Cigalike. This series is a nod to the classic cig-a-like devices of yesteryear and are designed to look and feel just like a real cigarette. This series offers a familiar experience for those transitioning from traditional smoking to vaping, providing a seamless bridge between the two worlds. While the Cigalike isn’t available in as many flavours as the 600 just yet, the collection features a couple of unique blends that you can’t find anywhere else, and we’re keen to see if Elf Bar decides to expand the collection in the future.

While Elf Bar continues to provide a limited selection of disposable vapes in UK stores, their international lineup presents a whole other realm of options. The stringent TPD guidelines in the UK mean that larger devices like the BC5000 and LOWIT are not available on local shelves. These innovative devices exceed the 2ml e-liquid limit set by the regulations, making them ineligible for sale in the UK market.

Elf Bar 600 Market Comparison

There’s no denying that Elf Bar has firmly established its reign as the unrivalled champion in the vape market, basking in the glow of overwhelming popularity and prevalence. Still, as the Elf Bar 600 has been on the market for many years now, it’s important to take a look at some of the newer vape brands and devices that are now considered worthy competitors.

Dinner Lady, for instance, is gaining serious traction among the vape community, offering an impressive variety of unique flavours that may just give Elf Bar disposables a run for their money. Much like Elf Bar, Dinner Lady have made a name for themselves by creating signature flavour profiles, such as the award-winning Lemon Tart, which have since become synonymous with the brand.

Also among these contenders is SKE Crystal Bar, a rising star that has caught the attention of vapers with its captivating approach. Not only does this disposable vape offer a diverse range of flavours, with everything from fruit blends to dessert-inspired concoctions, but they’ve put a trendy twist on the classic pen-style vape by incorporating a sleek, transparent casing that looks worlds apart from any other disposable out there.

While Elf Bar continues to dominate the vape market with its widespread appeal and reputation for quality, it’s clear to see that there are fresh new brands beginning to rise in prominence. As the vaping world evolves, it's exciting to witness the growth and competition among these brands, all of whom strive to provide vapers with unforgettable vaping experiences.

Elf Bar 600 Flavours Verdict

After several years in the vape market, the trusty Elf Bar 600 device continues to reign as one of the best-selling disposable vapes, a testament to its unwavering popularity among vape enthusiasts. The secret behind its enduring success lies in the ever-growing selection of Elf Bar flavours, a captivating array that has stolen the hearts of vape fans far and wide.

With an astounding 47 different blends to choose from, Elf Bar 600 stands unparalleled in its variety, setting a high bar for other disposable vape brands to compete with. As such, only a handful of other disposable brands come close to competing with the variety that Elf Bar vape offers.

This vast selection ensures that vapers can find their perfect match, regardless of their flavour preferences or the occasion. Whether you're seeking an all-day vape to accompany you through the day or an occasional treat to savour and delight the senses, Elf Bar 600 has a flavour to fit quite literally every mood and whim.

Want to find out more about this Elf Bar disposable? Head right over to my Elf Bar 600 Review for an in-depth exploration into the workings of this trusty device. Or, check out my new and updated for 2023 Elf Bar Flavour Guide where I provide a full breakdown of all 47 blends to help you find your new favourite.

Elf Bar 600 at myCigara

Here at myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We do this by offering our customers premium UK-approved vaping products as well as accurate information about using vaping as a viable alternative to cigarettes to help them quit smoking for good.

If you're new to vaping and feeling a bit overwhelmed, fret not! We've got your back with our handy Beginner Guide, designed to provide you with all the essential knowledge you need before taking the plunge.

Keen to find out more about Elf Bar vape as a whole? Check out my brand new Elf Bar Ultimate Guide, where I cover all things Elf Bar. From the different devices available to answering your burning questions, this guide covers everything you need to know about this bestselling brand.

Ready to give the Elf Bar 600 a try? We’ve got you covered! Take advantage of our mix and match 5-for-£20 offer on all Elf Bar 600 disposables, allowing you to sample a handful of different flavours until you find your next go-to blend!

We want our customers to have a great first vaping experience, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Or if you’d prefer to speak with someone in person, visit your local myCigara store, where our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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