Ultrasonic Vaping

by Jemma Wolfe

Ultrasonic Vaping Technology Explored

Among the newest and most exciting advancements in the vaping industry is ultrasonic technology. As futuristic as it may sound, this technology has been used in the medical industry for some time, but vaping brands are just beginning to recognise its potential.

In the fast-paced world of vaping, it’s no surprise that people are looking for innovative and less harmful alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes. By harnessing the power of vibrations and eliminating the need for coils, ultrasonic vaping plans to revolutionise the way we vape. But as it’s still in its infancy, is this technology really enough to redefine the way we experience vaping in the long term, or is it merely a passing craze?

We’re here to take a closer look at ultrasonic technology, how it works, and most importantly—how it stacks up against conventional vaping. So if you’re curious about ultrasonic vaping and whether it’s a viable option to help you quit smoking for good, fear not, we’ve got you covered.

What is Ultrasonic Vaping?

Ultrasonic vaping, also known as coilless vaping, works by using the power of vibrations rather than a heated coil.

These devices house an ultrasonic chip where a metal coil would usually be, which vibrates at a high speed (up to 3 million hits per second). This super high frequency allows ultrasonic waves to flow through the pod, vibrating the liquid molecules until they magnify, split, and eventually turn the e liquid into vapour.

With that in mind, let’s find out if there are any safety benefits to ultrasonic vaping.

Is Ultrasonic Vaping Safer?

Thanks to the lack of heated elements, pioneers of ultrasonic vaping technology claim that it can be seen as a safer alternative to traditional vaping and, of course, smoking. It’s believed that since the vapour is created at a lower temperature, it produces far fewer potential toxins and chemical byproducts.

By removing the need for coils, ultrasonic devices contain no metal element which could solve some of the health concerns around vaping. For instance, those with nickel allergies or sensitivity to metal particles could benefit from this technology. Some people also experience irritation when inhaling these metal particles, and ultrasonic technology can help relieve some of these symptoms.

Moving away from the safety aspects, let’s check out how ultrasonic vaping compares to conventional coil vaping.

Coil Vaping VS Ultrasonic Vaping

You’re probably already familiar with how conventional vaping works: the battery creates an electric current that heats up a metal coil inside the device, thus turning the eliquid inside into flavoursome vapour. While this is by far the most widespread and effective vaping method out there, it does come with some drawbacks for the user.

Perhaps the most inconvenient aspect of conventional vaping is that coils won’t last forever.In fact, they need to be changed every 7-10 days for the best experience, or else you risk damaging the coil resulting in “dry hits” and that unpleasant burnt taste we all want to avoid. Of course, this isn’t a problem when it comes to ultrasonic vapes, as the absence of a coil leaves no opportunity for burning to occur, even when chain vaping.

Despite the innovative advantages of a coilless vape, it’s clear to see that ultrasonic vaping isn’t suitable for everyone. This technology is currently only available in the form of pod devices, while this is great news for beginners, it’s unlikely to satisfy advanced vape fans.

With no adjustable settings, wattage to play around with or LED display, ultrasonic vaping offers little in the way of a customisable experience. By focusing purely on optimising the ultrasonic technology and keeping the devices simple and easy to use, ultrasonic vapes currently sit comfortably in the realm of beginner-friendly starter kits.

On that note, let’s take a look at the brands pioneering this technology.

Who’s leading In Ultrasonic E-Cigarette Devices?

The story of ultrasonic vaping began a few years back, when a brand called Usonicig introduced us to this technology with their Rhythm device. Although the Usonicig Rhythm was unlike anything the vaping world had ever seen before, it ultimately failed to impress its users. It was designed to provide a DTL vaping experience, but those that tried it were disappointed by the lack of clouds, flavour, and satisfying hit.

Although we had the freedom to top up the Usonicig with any e liquid, the cool vapour was lacklustre and users needed to puff long drags on the ecig to achieve the desired result, which quickly led to its demise.

Fast forward to early 2022, and we see ultrasonic vaping making a resurgence, but this time catering to MTL fans. Hoping to pick up where Usonicigleft off, Surge as a new leader in this technology has picked up the pace in bringing ultrasonic vaping for the masses. Partnering up with a leading vape brand Innokin released their own ultrasonic vape kit— Innokin Surge Express Pod Kit.

Innokin’s Surge device harnesses the innovative ultrasonic technology and delivers it in a compact, pen-style e-cigarette that’s compatible with their pre-filled pods. Providing a warmer, more satisfying vape than the Usonicigever could, users have reported that the Surge experience is almost indistinguishable from a regular coil vape, albeit a little cooler.

But as Innokin and Surge are first and foremost tech brands, rather than eliquid flavour brands, it’s disappointing that users are limited to their 6 flavour options. Nevertheless, thanks to the Usonicig, we know that it’s possible to benefit from this technology while also being free to use whatever liquid you choose—so hopefully we will see Innokin following suit in the near future.

So is ultrasonic vaping going to revolutionise the way we vape? Let’s find out.

Ultrasonic Vaping Verdict

The emergence of new ultrasonic vape devices this year is exciting to say the least, and the Innokin Surge is definitely a step in the right direction. Swapping metal coils for a vibrating chip means you can say goodbye to coil changes, thus saving you money in the long run. However, this technology is still very much in its infancy and one device certainly doesn’t fit all.

If you’re an advanced vaper or die hard DTL fan, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. The Surge device requires you to take deeper, harder, and longer drags to achieve the same satisfying hit you’d expect from a regular vape and doesn’t feature any customisable settings or adjustable airflow. While beginners might still appreciate the simplicity and compact pod design, flavour fanatics will also be disappointed to learn that the only ultrasonic vape on the market right now uses pre-filled pods, so you’re limited to a small selection of flavour options.

Regardless of the drawbacks, Surge and Innokin certainly get the points for innovation and it’s clear to see that there’s massive potential here. If there was a device that gave you the freedom to use your own e liquid and adjust the airflow settings, then they could be on to a winner. But for now it seems the world of ultrasonic vaping needs further development to perfect the technology. Who knows, maybe in a few more years we’ll all be making the switch to coilless devices!

Ultrasonic Vaping at myCigara

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