Best Halloween Vape Flavours for 2021

by Theo Wilson

Top 5 Halloween E-Liquid Flavours: Day of the Dead 2021

As we begin our slow but undeniable descent into winter, it’s time to prepare for the spookiest holiday of the year. Halloween may be all thrills and chills, but it’s also the perfect time to bask in the warm glow of roaring fires, and —not least —enjoy the warm throat hit of a delicious e-liquid! No, this isn’t a trick —we’re sticking solely to treats this year as we take you through some of the best e-liquid flavours and disposable vapes for you to enjoy during this most spooky of seasons.

To keep things interesting this year, we’ve chosen to blend our Halloween theme with inspiration from the Mexican festival of the Day of the Dead. That way, it doesn’t have to be all ghoulish and grim winter nights, but also a more festive atmosphere of celebration in warmer climes. After all, when the nights grow longer and darker, what better way to steel yourself than with a bright and vibrant vape juice?

However you choose to celebrate the Halloween season, hopefully this can be a time to get out and about and celebrate with friends. To that end, we’ve chosen to focus this list on nic salts and disposable vapes; potent yet portable products that are perfect for quick and effortless enjoyment on the go.

Twelve Monkeys Harambae Nic Salt

Whether it’s staving off the cold and dark off those late autumn Halloween nights, or getting into the bright, festive spirit of the Day of the Dead, you can’t go wrong with this mouthwatering medley of bright fruit flavours.

Harambae nic salts from Twelve Monkeys is a tropical temptress for your taste buds, positively teeming with a variety of vibrant fruits. An ideal balance of sultry sweetness and tantalising tartness, these nic salts hit you up front with citrus blast in the form of grapefruit, blood orange, lemon and lime, combined with a lush undertone of subtle, fragrant guava.

A perfect potpourri for partying the night away on a wave of bright and uplifting tropical tastes. Harambae nic salts by Twelve Monkeys pairs excellently with the Voopoo Vinci royal, a sleek device that offers a smooth and reliable vape for old and new users alike.

Preinstalled with a 1.2Ω coil and utilising smart wattage, it delivers a consistently satisfying MTL experience free of fuss, making it ideal for enjoying the rich flavour and subtle vapour of these 20mg, 50VG:50 PG nic salts. Prefer your fruity flavours a little more fragrant and filling? Then our next item is sure to whet your appetite...


Vape Dinner Lady Disposable Strawberry Macaroon

It's no secret that as the seasons change, so too do our palates; during the peak of summer we naturally desire lighter, brighter sustenance; for winter, denser and heavier fare to guard ourselves against the impending chill and waning of the light.

This delicious disposable falls happily somewhere in between; an ideal profile for autumn, as we leave behind summer but before reaching the cool dead of winter; a robust and chewy morsel to be sure, but delicately flecked with luscious strawberry and fragrant coconut for a welcome reminder of summers past, plus a gentle dusting of roasted almonds to add a delectable dash of warming fragrance to those cool autumn nights.

Dinner Lady is both sleek and stylish, its straightforward cylindrical design makes it perfectly pocket-friendly, plus extremely effortless to use, especially if you’re looking to stop smoking. Providing up to 400 puffs of 20mg-strength nic saltsper device, it’s a no-brainer; rather than carry around packs of smokes at this year’s Halloween party, a Dinner Lady disposable does the same thing, but lighter, cheaper, and definitely tastier.

Feeling frisky eyeing up this cake classic? Well, then the next flavour on our list is sure to have you tickled pink...


Dr Vapes Pink Remix Nic Salt

Not to paint with too broad a brush, but who doesn’t love sweets? sugary treats are a mainstay in both Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations, and for good reason; nothing says festive fun like a big old handful of sweets.

Delicious juicy drink of ripe blackcurrants, generously blended with a medley of sugary stars such asgooey, chewy candyfloss and zesty, fizzy sour pick & mix. Recapture the glow of summer to carry you into winter in high spirits, their 20mg strength guaranteeing a wicked kick, while a balanced 50VG:50PG ratio gives you big flavour and understated vapour.

Get the most out of your Dr VapesPink Remix nic salts with the fan favourite Smok Nord 4 pod vape kit. A 2Ah battery and fast-charge capabilities mean you can always rely on this kit to see you through, and adjustable airflow rings mean you can savour every puff exactly how you please. If you’ve ever felt like you’re too old for trick-or-treating, but still want to get that joyful candy fix —well, this e-liquid may be just what the doctor ordered.

If you like your sweet without the sour, then prepare your tastebuds for our next treat, a truly timeless autumnal all-star...


Pod Salt Marshmallow Man

Hardly the most outlandish associative trail for you: we’ve already got you thinking about Autumn and Halloween. What’s a classic Halloween activity? Telling ghost stories! And where do that? Yes, by the campfire.

What do you associate with campfires? That’s right, now you can savour all of the delicious gooey, gleeful flavour of marshmallows, right from the comfort of... wherever you like! None of the fire hazard, no clothes smelling of woodsmoke for weeks afterwards, and no trek into a dark forest to get spooked by eerie, mysterious noises from all directions —unless you want to of course.

Marshmallow Man nic salts from Pod Salt mix this iconic treat with a healthy helping of ripe strawberries for an irresistible, scrumptious flavour profile. A smooth 60PG:40VG blend —so it deserves a winning kit, which is exactly what you get with the Uwell Caliburn A2.

two refillable pods with mesh coils for maximum flavour, you’ll be totally safe from that scariest of situations: an underwhelming vape experience. Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without a few chills and thrills, and the next spectre haunting our list is harder than ever to escape this year...


Geek Bar Vampire Vape Disposable Pinkman Ice

Come now, you knew you weren’t getting off that easily... As ubiquitous as the folkloric creature from which they take their name, Vampire Vape are a mainstay of vaping, not least during the Halloween season.

Try not to worry too much about a chill creeping down your spine... although you’ll be hard-pressed to ignore a much nicer kind of chill creeping along your tongue as the mentholated crispness of the award-winning Pinkman Ice treads nimbly across your tastebuds, delivering a deft blend of mystery red fruits with citrus accents over a bed of soothing crushed ice.

Now, enjoying your favourite Vampire Vape nic salts is simpler than ever; they’ve teamed up with Geek Bar to craft some delightful disposables, packed with 575 puffs of premium flavour and subtle vapour, delivering smooth throat hits and a vibrant nicotine kick, creating an overall experience that’s sure to see you safely through the night. Or is it?

While we can guarantee that this disposable has enough juice to make it through ‘till dawn, who knows if we can say the same for you? It is Halloween, after all...


Halloween Vape Deals at myCigara

Here at myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free, and that’s why we love to offer our customers excellent vaping deals that will hopefully seal cigarettes in their coffin forever, never to return.

On that note, we’ve headed to our Frankenstein-esque lab to whip up some Halloween vape deals that should be all treat and no trick. Gasp in horror at the low, low price of our Aspire Zelos bundle!

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To go alongside our delicious deals and the fantastic flavours covered in this blog, browse our full selection of vape kits. In particular, a sleek and pocket-friendly pod vape kit and vape starter kit is the perfect protector against a long Halloween night, sure to see you through ‘till the sun finally rises again.

For the most effortless ease of use, the new range of Vampire Vape disposables gives you a range of thrilling flavours in their most practical format yet.