V800 Disposable Released By Vape Dinner Lady

by Theo Wilson
V800 Disposable Vape By Dinner Lady: Reviewed

Vape Dinner Lady V800 Disposables: Launched

Dinner Lady burst onto the scene in 2016, winning their first award within their first year of business. Since then, the accolades have kept on rolling in. They’ve stacked up over 50 award wins, including ‘Best E-liquid Flavour’ six years running, and —most recently —a Hall of Fame induction at the Vaporound 2021 Awards. “Industry giant” doesn’t even begin to cut it.

On the back of the success of their flagship Lemon Tart flavour, Dinner Lady have built an e-liquid empire, steadily becoming a go-to name for flavour fiends ... Beyond having 100 different products to their name, sold across as many countries, Dinner Lady were also one of the first brands to realise the potential of the disposable vape sector.

Thus it comes as no surprise that they’ve returned to shake things up again, with the new Dinner Lady V800 disposable. It’s only fitting that this bold, big-name brand would once again choose to step into the limelight to offer one of the boldest, biggest disposables ever.

The brand-new V800 looks as good as it feels. A sleek, matte black design with instantly recognisable golden branding, this pristine pen tapers off into an ergonomic mouthpiece, featuring a unique quad-tapered design for superior flavour and vapour production. Putting you in the driver’s seat, the V800 boasts an innovative adjustable airflow ring at its base, allowing you to pinpoint each hit for your perfect puff. The real kicker, of course, is its capacity. Lest we veer too much into hyperbole, let’s just say that at a whopping, industry-beating 800 puffs, the Dinner Lady V800 is going to force the competition to step up their game.

As awe-inspiring as this tech is, many of us know that, first and foremost, Dinner Lady are at the forefront of flavour. Fear not, with an initial run of 18 flavour profiles, Dinner Lady are making sure that new and old fans alike will find old friends and new favourites in equal measure. A little teaser to whet your appetite, this blog is going to guide you through just a select few of the tempting tastes you can expect from the all-new V800 range.

V800 Bubble Trouble Disposable Vape

One of the best selling disposables from the previous Dinner Lady batch is Bubblegum Ice, so longtime fans can rest easy knowing that their bubble won't burst, thanks to the new Bubble Trouble flavour.

This bold beauty bodes well for the V800 range, summing up as it does part of what makes Dinner Lady such a strong brand; keeping what works, whilst always looking ahead; a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. Cool, crisp and classic, Bubble Trouble combines a mystery blend of wild berries and red berries with the nostalgic, time-honoured satisfaction of bubblegum.

Minty and sweet, with a juicy current running throughout, this is one flavour sure to refresh and reinvigorate. It’s an all-new flavour, to be sure, but adheres to the unmistakable Dinner Lady brand of old-school cool.

This buoyant flavour truly pops, each puff sure to transport you back to your carefree childhood days; it may be a crisp and cooling profile, yet you won’t be left cold, each bubbly blast bouncing across your tongue to bask you in the warm glow of nostalgia.

V800 Vanilla Tobacco Disposable Vape

Although best known for drawing inspiration from tuck shop classics, with their range encapsulating a variety of cakes, sweets, and soft drinks, Dinner Lady still know that any claim to a traditional, old-school æsthetic would ring hollow barring the inclusion of tobacco flavours.

Vanilla Tobacco is a creamy blend, ideal for when you want to kick back with an old favourite. Equal parts robust and mellow, it combines rich, roasted golden tobacco with bright, fragrant vanilla to produce a gentle undercurrent of sweetness throughout.

Like nestling back into your old easy chair, or slipping into your favourite jumper, there’s a soothing sensation here that speaks to a time-honoured way of doing things, the comfort we find in constancy.

The technology may have changed, but that mesmerising, nostalgic aroma stays the same. V800 Vanilla Tobacco is bound to be an excellent choice for customers looking to quit smoking and transition to vaping.

Beyond the reassuring tones of tobacco taste, the 800 puff capacity is sure to tide over even the heaviest smokers, while the adjustable airflow ring lets you replicate your ideal draw every time.

V800 Cola Shades Disposable Vape

Whilst we’re on the topic of classic, any vape brand worth their (nic) salt is surely aware that it’s always worth paying respect to the icons. The world’s most renowned soft drink, an undeniable childhood classic that’s tantalised taste buds for over a century.

Cola Shades takes the ubiquitous flavour, garnishes it with a zesty twist of lemon —a perfect tart counterpoint to that classic caramel sweetness —and serves it on the rocks for a rich yet refreshing aftertaste.

Simply close your eyes and picture it; the heat of the sun courses through your body, your parched tongue crying out for salvation.

Behold before you a tall glass, beautifully beckoning as beads of condensation roll down its sides, each dewy droplet daring you to resist the regal refreshment that waits within. Inhale, and let this icon infuse your spirit with surefire satisfaction.

Crisp and caffeine-scented, a sugary saviour steps in, borne aloft on bright swirls of citrus and a soothing bed of crushed ice, undeniably destined to curb all cravings in one fell swoop. Or, to rephrase this experience as the most simple imperative: drink and be merry

V800 Berry Blast Disposable Vape

Keeping our cool as we cruise further into the V800 flavour range, we move from merry to berry, with a truly unique blend. Fans of fruit flavours know that on this front, Dinner Lady are a force to be reckoned with.

Whether it’s modern reimaginings of old favourites, or fresh new concoctions, they always come through with the goods. Berry Blast falls into the latter category, dishing out an electric blend of ripe red fruits that’s sure to scintillate.

Berry Blasts combines a mixture of lush, tart red cherries and bright, gentle raspberries for a perky profile that’s truly enlivening.

All-day refreshment is the name of the game here, each puff delivering a breath of bracing air perfectfully poised to send you skyward; feel all the worries and woe of the world slip away as you float up toward lofty peaks of fragrant flavour.

Simultaneously deep and light, dusky and fragrant, this nifty new profile delicately displays some true highlights from nature’s bounty.

Gentle sweetness and inherent zestiness perform a dynamic duet that’s pure panacea for all lovers of refreshing fruit profiles. Utterly uplifting, V800 Berry Blast is refreshment royalty, soothingly setting the stage for the next flavour on our list.

V800 Triple Menthol Disposable Vape

You may be thinking, “sure, so far, these flavours sound cool, but I’m looking for something even cooler. I want to be blown away, to be left so refreshed as to be awestruck.” What could be better for refreshment than a cooling menthol flavour?

Why, an ultra-cooling Triple Menthol flavour, obviously! Menthol is a perennially popular flavour amongst old and new vape fans alike, which make sense; who doesn’t love to feel fresh? Triple Menthol fuses a tantalising trio of minty flavours in the form of soothing menthol, sharp peppermint, and the crisp, subtle sweetness of spearmint, all underscored by a tingly tones of eucalyptus.

Think brisk mountain air, or the coolest waters of a clear blue lake; we’re talking ultimate natural refreshment that starts in the very core of your spirit, leaving you revived and reborn as you exhale, exhilarated.

V800 Triple Menthol is a guaranteed go-to for the maximalist mint fan. No more pitting favourites against each other, no; simply a mountainous medley of all four mint flavours.

Resplendent refreshment, a crisp and cooling clash of the titans that’s sure to freeze competitors where they stand.

V800 Berry Tobacco Disposable Vape

We’ve taken you to the highest peaks of frosty flavour, maybe it’s now time to come back down to earth; to deeper, warmer tones, to woodsy fragrance and the rich, comforting closeness of the soil.

V800 Berry Tobacco is a dark delight, dripping with deep flavour that’s sure to spark a soothing shiver in your soul.

Smoky and robust, smooth and roasted, a blend of glorious golden tobacco leaves are here gently tempered with a luscious mix of ripe red berries, adding a tantalising tartness to this old-school offering.

A mature medley, this profile is the perfect punctuation mark at the end of a strenuous day, a welcome respite for the discerning adult vape fan who values subtle, complex flavour.

V800 Berry Tobacco is quite unlike the flavours you’ll find among other brands.

While darker and denser than many Dinner Lady classics, it nonetheless deftly displays what makes this brand great; respect for old-school tradition, paired with forward-thinking, vibrant innovation, all while paying deference to that key aspect of any good vape experience: fine, fragrant flavour.

V800 Watermelon Chill Disposable Vape

Up next, another entry that showcases how Dinner Lady successfully spin the classics into something a cut above the rest.

Watermelon is one of the most popular and prominent flavours across the vape industry, and for disposable vapes in particular. Never a brand to follow the herd, however, here Dinner Lady have instead opted to unleash a hidden triple threat that you’ll be more than happy to surrender to.

V800 Watermelon Chill, contrary to its name, is actually a mouthwatering medley of multiple melon flavours; juicy honeydew melon, dripping with sunny sweetness, the bright tartness of cooling cantaloupe, and to top off this triumphant triumvirate, the titular watermelon, rightly renowned for its fragrant, crisp, uniquely hydrating flavour.

The bright beauty of each superlative strain of fruit is heightened by a thrilling throughline of crushed ice, guaranteeing gargantuan refreshment and lush, long-lasting flavour. Sure, you *could* find a watermelon flavour anywhere, but wouldn’t you want it to be from a brand famed for award-winning flavour.

V800 Watermelon Chill confirms Dinner Lady’s standing as the preeminent e-liquid elite, spinning an industry standard into a new benchmark for cooling, craving-killing refreshment.

V800 Sun Tan Mango Disposable Vape

We know that Dinner Lady deal in old-school, nostalgic vibes; profiles that pay respect to the past, while keeping a keen eye to the future of flavour.

As we’ve also seen, they’re the brand to beat when it comes to taste that are bright and bold, vibrant and vivacious. Few flavours sum this up as succinctly as Sun Tan Mango.

Step out of the darkness, and into blissfully blinding sunlight. Feel your body fill with vim and vigour, become bracingly alive, awake to all the external hum and humanity of the world. Take it all in, then lean back as you sit serenely, soaking up the simplest of pleasure: the warmth of the sun washing over your face.

No secrets nor surprises here, Sun Tan Mango is a succulent, surefire showstopper, positively dripping with the superior sweetness of sun-drenched mangoes, luscious and life-affirming, almost maddeningly juicy.

As much as this flavour will ensure a radiant warmth throughout your body, it’s always going to help you beat the heat.

A classic counterpoint to this sunniest of flavours, these mouthwatering mangoes are masterfully met by a coursing current of cooling menthol.

V800 Black Orange Crush Disposable Vape

As we continue riding the wave of refreshing fruit flavours, we arrive at a stalwart Dinner Lady bestseller.

Deftly showcasing their knack for combining unlikely, discrete elements to produce a profile that’s greater than the sum of its parts, V800 Black Orange Crush is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.

Nothing less than a fruit fiesta, Black Orange Crush combines seductively juicy oranges with tart blackcurrants, but it doesn’t stop there.

Sumptuous cherries and a mystery mix of red berries are swirled in, fostering a flavour fantasia that provides a wild ride across your tongue, thrusting you through thrilling twists and turns as these tempting tones tantalise your tastebuds.

Dark and light, sweet and tart, exhilarating and soothing, yin and yang.

If you handle it, Black Orange Crush is a one-way ticket to the ultimate in fruit flavour; all it asks is that you leave your caution at the door, strap in, and get ready for a juicy journey that’s sure to jolt you out of complacent and put you on the fast-track to sweet satisfaction.

V800 Lemon Tart Disposable Vape

You had to know it was coming, right? The game-changer, the back-to-back award-winner six years running.

The profile that put the name Dinner Lady on everyone’s lips, and that has vape fans licking their lips in sweet anticipation. V800 Lemon Tart sees the iconic flagship flavour perfectly optimised to deliver what’s sure to be one of the greatest disposable vapes ever.

Inhale, and feel your senses sharpen, as an awesomely aromatic base of flaky, buttery, luxurious pastry plays across your tongue.

Next comes the mesmerising meringue, at once gooey, rich and chewy, yet somehow still as light and fluffy as a cloud.

As this dynamic duo starts to send you into a fit of flavour, the star player slips in; sharp and zesty, that unmistakable swirl of lemon shoots through your soul, an iconic interception that intersperses it’s sugary brethren, reminding you exactly why this has become *the* e-liquid par excellence.

Conventional logic would tell us that you can’t improve upon perfection; but Dinner Lady wouldn’t be the brand they are if they didn’t keep striving. Is the V800 poised to become the best Lemon Tart ever? Well, there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?

Dinner Lady V800 Disposable at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. That’s why we’re proud to be partnered with Dinner Lady in order to lead the way forward with the latest in disposable vaping.

We select our stock carefully, and place high importance on selling brands and products that are innovative, reliable, and —above all —safe.

Our key impetus as a business lies in putting the customer first; that’s why we focus on premium products, to ensure that your vaping journey is as enjoyable and effective as can be. We’re always sourcing the best possible products and vape kits for our cherished customers, and have tried and tested the majority of disposable vapes, so believe us when we say that the Dinner Lady V800 disposable is not one to be missed.

We’re excited to announce that myCigara is going to be one of the first retailers to release the V800, and our price match guarantee saves you the hassle of looking elsewhere. To make sure you don’t miss out, bookmark this page and sign up to our newsletter to be notified the moment the Dinner Lady V800 hits the market!

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